Jagjit Singh , We always miss you

Chitti Na Koi Sandesh, Jane Who Kaun Sa Desh,
Jaha Tum Chale Gaye,

Is Dil Pe Laga Ke Thesh, Jane Who Kaun Sa Desh,
Jaha Tum Chale Gaye,

Ab Yaadon Ke Kante, Is Dil Me Chubhte Hai,
Na Dard Therta Hai, Na Aasu Rukte Hai,

Tumhe Dund Raha Hai Pyaar, Hum Kaise Kare Ikrar,
Ke Ha Tum Chale Gaye,

Ek Aha Bhari Hogi, Hamne Na Suni Hogi,
Jate Jate Tumne, Awaz To Di Hogi,

Har Waqt Yahi Hai Gam, Us Waqt Kha The Hum,
Kaha Tum Chale Gaye

Author: Shashi Kumar Aansoo

An General Insurance Professional, Tech Enthusiast, Poetic Soul, Beloved Hubby, Trustworthy Friend & Growing Dad. Keep Inspiring... #Insurance #Inspiration #Information # GeneralInsurance #IRDA #MotorInsurance #Car Insurance #Motor insurance #HealthInsurance #TravelInsurance #PropertyInsurance #Disclaimer - Opinions expressed are solely my own or drawn from innumerable centers of culture & lore. It do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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