Is It Too Late?

Is It Too Late?

If you do not CHANGE direction, you may END UP where you are heading. Lao Tzu via @Terri_Cole @ShashiAansoo

Life is made up of decisions. Small ones like whether to have your coffee hot or iced. And big ones, like accepting or rejecting a new job offer. It is the decisions you make that set the course for your life. Yet, just as important as the decisions themselves is why you make them.

From a very young age most of you were taught to honor your word and to finish what you start because, nobody likes a quitter. There was fear around letting others down or hurting their feelings. So in order to honor what you were taught, when you a made decision, you stuck with it.

What do you do when you are midway down a path towards something you thought was ‘right,’ to discover, you were wrong?

Need to have a difficult conversation? Here’s how..

If you do not CHANGE direction, you may END UP where you are heading.

Lao Tzu via

I know many of you fear there is such a thing as a point of no return. You believe there is a point past which you must stick with the choices you have made. Though it is this mindset that can lead to resentment, pain, and a boatload of unhappiness. When you end up staying on a path that you know in your gut is no longer right for you, no one wins. Want to transform your fear into courage?

It is important to remember that no matter what is happening at any point in your life, you can choose to change it. You are the only one in the driver’s seat navigating the direction your life will go. You can change routes or make a U turn at any point. You can say no to that which you already said yes. You can choose differently. You can change your mind. You can ALWAYS course correct.

At ANY point in time, you have the right to CHANGE your mind.
Honoring your instincts is part of trusting yourself. By authentically honoring you, and your internal ‘knowing’, you’ll inspire others to do the same. To begin this start by taking small steps. Set aside time daily to dial into how your body is responding to choices you are making. Notice where you allowed yourself room for correcting, and where you felt constricted to move forward in spite of perhaps wanting to choose otherwise. Allowing yourself to course correct can take some getting used to, but it can save time, energy and regret down the road .

In the comments below I want to hear from you! Share with me one situation that you feel may need course correcting. I know that this can be a heavy topic depending on the situation. So honor yourself no matter where you’re at. Awareness of the need for change is half the battle.
See you in the comments, and as always, take care of you!
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Shashi Kumar Aansoo

Shashi Kumar Aansoo

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