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रिवायतों की सफ़हें तोड़ कर बड़ो वर्ना
जो तुमसे आगे हैं वो रास्ता नहीं देंगे।।

  1. तल, पार्श्व
  2. पुस्तक का पृष्ठ भाग, पन्ना, वरक।

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Shashi Kumar “Aansoo”

The Indian Automotive – Car Sales ~August 2017

Aug’17 market the beginning of the festive season and also the second month of the post-GST era. We celebrated 2 big festivals in August – Janmashtami & Ganesha Chaturthi. The aforementioned factors helped the industry grow an impressive 13% YoY and the overall Industry Sales was ~3 Lakh units! The fear of the price in Sep’17 increase also pushed customers prepone their purchase.

The biggest launch in Aug’17 was the New Verna from Hyundai and bought the much required volumes for the Korean Automaker. It was also the second month of FCA’s Jeep – It was heartily accepted by consumers and was able to garner >10,000 bookings in a short span of time. It reflected in Fiat’s numbers as well – The stellar growth momentum continued and the OEM grew by 247% YoY!

Let’s look at the model wise analysis here

modelwise analysis hereIndian Car Sales Figures – August 2017 By Shashi


  1. The best thing about Maruti is that they compete with themselves! While, the Market Leader grew 26% YoY; the growth compared to July 17 was -1%. It was able to repeatedly post >1.5 Lakh sale for the second consecutive month.
  2. It is no surprise that Dzire tops the Best Seller list! The compact sedan sold over 30k units and overtook the No.2 (Alto) by a huge margin. Just to signify the volumes of Dzire – It outsold the overall sales of Honda & Toyota in India for Aug’17 (Honda @ 17,365 + Toyota @ 12,017 = 29,382). The success of Dzire is still a mystery the other OEMs are unable to crack. While, the latest other entrant (Tigor) is not doing that well – Dzire’s numbers are a matter of envy for all.
  3. Baleno single-handedly made Nexa a profitable venture for Maruti Suzuki. The other models in the portfolio (Ignis, S-Cross) are yet to perform as per Maruti’s aspirations. However, the New S-Cross is slated to launch in Sep’17 (right time to launch in the festivity). Also Ciaz’s addition in the portfolio is reaping results to the Nexa Brand.
  4. Hyundai was consistently struggling ~42k-43k figures and was in desperate requirement of a volume puller. And there it launches the Verna. The New Verna has been launched at a very attractive price and has been loaded with segment best features. But the Sedan lacks space and the brand will also need to out-perform the already proven City & Ciaz. It is going to be a very interesting competition and we expect the overall segment to grow steadily. The trend is already visible in Aug’17 performance – All Models in Sedan segment showed positive YoY growth.
  5. Honda finally seems to have launched a product which could sustain the initial Euphoria and gradually enhance the volumes. The WRV has surely brought in the Wow factor for the Japanese OEM and has helped Honda grow 25% YoY. The City Facelift has also helped Honda push the volumes.
  6. Tiago & Hexa were the notable performers in Aug’17 for Tata. While Tiago continued with the incremental volume game; Hexa’s numbers was a pleasant surprise for us. Hexa posted its all-time highest sale in Aug’17 and was the second consecutive month where it has sold >1,500 units! It is indeed a positive sign for the brand and shows slow yet steady acceptance of the model in the market.
  7. Toyota is one company which is extremely irate due to frequent policy changes. And Yes, Toyota’s response is understandable. While the Government has proposed to increase the cess in luxury cars in Sep’17; the OEM wouldn’t have been more confused! Innova & Fortuner are yet again under the radar and the best performers of Toyota’s stable will bound to take the hit.

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Be a Leader

​If you want to make everyone happy, don’t be a leader. Go sell ice cream. 

By Santosh Kr. Yadav

Let’s Start You Day Like Champions

How you start your day is how you start your life

We all look up to people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson. They’ve made it and continue to inspire thousands and thousands of people around the world.

While a lot of people struggle to keep their day jobs, these successful leaders own and run multiple companies at any given time and look as fresh as ever.

So what’s the secret you might ask?

All of them have a morning routine that they follow religiously in order to become more productive for the rest of the day and are successful in life.

If you are striving to achieve, it’s important to set yourself up for success but giving yourself the right start every single day. For some, it could be meditating early morning, while for others, it might involves an exercise routine. The key is to do you, but ensure that your actions are preparing yourself for a highly focused and productive day so you can go out and achieve your goals and targets.

Below you’ll find what some of the most successful business leaders in the world do after waking up every morning – take a look:

1. Richard Branson:

Richard Branson Morning Routine

  • Leaves the curtains undrawn so he can wake up right at dawn.
  • Swims early in the morning or goes kite surfing.
  • Follows it up with a health high-vitamin breakfast.

2. Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffet Morning Routine

  • Wakes up at 6:45 and starts with reading paper at home before heading to office.
  • He is big on reading and spends 80% of the day reading.
  • Advocates reading up to 500 pages a day because that’s how knowledge builds up.

3. Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs Morning Routine

  • Steve Jobs gave himself a motivational speech every morning. He started every morning looking himself in the mirror and asked, “If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I’m about to do today?” If he responded ‘no’ too many days in a row, he knew something needed to change.
  • He also advocated minimalism from furnishing his house to clothes he wore and often wore the black t-shirt with a blue jeans.

4. Arianna Huffington:

Arianna Huffington Morning Routine

  • Starts her day with 30 minutes of meditation.
  • She is also big on sleeping well and unplugging from smartphones, she shuts off all her devices at night and keeps them out of her bedroom.

5. Bill Gates:

Bill Gates Morning Routine

  • Starts his day by working out on a treadmill for an hour.

6. Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerburg Morning Routine

  • Rises at 8 am every morning unless he had been working entire night.
  • He does wear same t-shirt everyday to avoid making extra decisions.

7. Oprah Winfrey:

Mark Zuckerburg Morning Routine

  • Starts her day meditating, then she hits the treadmill followed by a healthy meal.
  • She gets to work as early as possible which gives her more working hours in the day.

8. Elon Musk:

Elon Musk Morning Routine

  • He goes to bed at 1 a.m. and wakes up at 7 a.m.
  • He usually skips breakfast, but sometimes has an omelet with coffee and wolfs down lunch in a 5-minute span during a meeting. This goes on to show he is trying to make the most of his day and avoiding any lunch meetings.
  • He works out once or twice a week, usually on the treadmill or by lifting weights.

9. Indra Nooyi:

Indra Nooyi Morning Routine

  • She wakes up as early as 4 a.m. in the morning to arrive in office no later than 7 a.m.

10. Lord Sugar:

Lord Sugar Morning Routine

  • Rides his bike for 50 miles after waking up at 5 a.m.

11. Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos Morning Routine

  • Sleeps 8 hours a day and even has a sleeping bag in his office.
  • He clears out certain days e.g. Tuesdays and Thursdays where he doesn’t hold any meetings to be more productive.

12. Sergey Brin:

Sergey Brin Morning Routine

  • Exercises intensely every morning and has remained remained loud-and-proud about his fitness obsession, counting workout clothes and Vibram barefoot shoes as his typical wardrobe and frequently zipping around on rollerblades, doing yoga stretches during meetings, or walking around on his hands for fun.

13. Jack Ma:

Jack Ma Morning Routine

  • Starts his day by exercising and his tai chi trainer travels with him when necessary.

14. Marissa Mayer:

Marissa Mayer Morning Routine

  • She sleeps very little around 4-6 hours as she works long hours, up to 130 hours a week.

15. Tory Burch:

Tory Burch Morning Routine

  • Wakes up at 5.45 a.m., wakes up her three sons and then exercises for minutes.

16. Jack Dorsey:

Jack Dorsey Morning Routine

  • He wakes up at 5.30 a.m. to meditate, then runs several miles to stay healthy and active.

Be Good Enough

Happy Navratri By Shashi Kumar Aansoo


I wish you Very Happy Navratri and I pray to Goddess for your prosperous life. May you find all the delights of life, May your all dreams come true.