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ज़िन्दगी में आप गलतियां करते है, उन ग़लतियो से सबक लेकर बेहतर करने की कोशिश करते हैं, या फिर आप ऐसे हीं रिस-रिस कर खप जाते है।

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Mere Nana Ji My World

I am nourished by both of him he is every thing for me more than my mom dad. My Mom And Dad is now not in this world but my Nana- Nini never gave me the chance to feel that pain. He has given his best while he was a normal Gov. Teacher he nourished me like a prince more than his own Son. What I have got from him I can not express he is really God for me. I worship him more than lord Rama – Krishana. That’s love & care is unforgettable.This time I am far from him they are living without me but I know my vison. I’m working hard with full of dedication due to ony for my Nana Nani and my Family. I thanks to those all people who cared me My Family My friends. My Sister My Wife simpi, Her Nani , Her Mom Ranjit Bhai, Kundan Mama Ji they all are helping me.

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